365 Update

When I started my 365, I only focused on conceptual photography. A single conceptual photo can take hours of work, and since I was doing an independent study through my school at the time, I was able to invest 2+ hours a day in creating a mediocre conceptual photo

So much has changed since then! I have a lot less free time now that I'm in school again and creating a new conceptual photo every day is just not on the docket. I realized I have a lot more fun planning editorial-ish shoots that happen on the weekend, and then editing/posting the photos a few days later. This method was less stressful and most importantly, what felt right for me. 

Along the way, I broke every rule of a traditional 365: you gotta take the photo the same day you post it, actually post every day, don’t just post an old photo from like 3 months ago because you have nothing else to post, etc. So while I am, yes, technically doing one of those notorious ‘365 Projects’, I don’t plan on telling people “I did a 365 last year” or “yeah, I’m doing a 365”. I don’t feel like I deserve to say that because I don’t feel like I’m really doing a 365. AND THAT'S OKAY!!!

When I post the 365th photo of the project, I’m not going to do shoots less frequently or take a break or whatever. Most likely, not much is going to change. I'm still going to be photographing as much as I can, and I'll be trying to blog more too. This 365 thing has already done what it’s supposed to do: get me photographing and sharing my photography more. Every time I post an Instagram photo, it feels silly to have to label it as being part of my 365. For me, the 365 project has evolved into my commitment to planning photoshoots, learning more about photography and editing, and being creative as often as I can. YAY CREATIVITY!!